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IDROTECH S.R.L. over the years has developed great skills, like organizational and executive working with professionalism for water-sanitary and air-conditioning sectors, specifying in air cooling, heating and treatment, fire prevention, renewable energy, industrial and sanitary plumbing environments.

IDROTECH S.R.L. works in private and public sectors mainly throughout northern Italy. It's structured to offer a scheduled maintenance service to the systems and guarantee efficient operation.

IDROTECH S.R.L. is certified ISO 9001:2015 for the quality system's menagement company for the F-GAS sector, relating to the use and treatment of fluorinated gases for the air conditioning, including refrigeration licenses for its employees of thermal system, periodically certifies its work tools, safety-related equipment and all means of transport that it uses every day. Certifies its measuring instruments annually and / or based on the latest certification to ensure proper performance and operation. It also has a license regarding the sources of renewable energy FER.

IDROTECH S.R.L. has a medium-sized warehouse with a relatively low rotation time of materials, where it stores all the main components and fasteners of daily use, and an office with efficient and competitive staff capable of approaching the customer and responding in an exhaustive and relevant, IDROTECH SRL it also owns a ethical code and a legality rating, it also has the White List.

IDROTECH S.R.L. is in the register of environmental managers (N. MI24096), and at European level it is committed to healthy work and respect for the environment, consequent to the certificates obtained by EU-OSHA:



Types of work:

  • Direct expansion and hydronic air conditioning systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Air treatment systems for air conditioning and for air renewal and extraction.
  • Special systems for hot smoke / fume filter rooms.
  • Traditional underfloor and conduction heating systems.
  • Gas transport systems.
  • Sprinkler, hydrant and water blade fire extinguishing systems.
  • Hydraulic systems for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Solar panel systems and renewable energy.
  • Surface and air distribution systems sanitation.
  • Scheduled maintenance for all those types of systems.

Practices management

We deal with the management of CURIT, critER, CIRCE, CIT and F-GAS equipment register.


IDROTECH S.R.L. - Via S. Pietro 10 - 24050 Ghisalba (BG) Italy

Our position is in the industrial area of Ghisalba, in 10 minutes from the highway's exits of Seriate (9.7km, A4), Grumello-Telgate (12.4 km, A4) and Bariano (13.3km, A35).


Office and warehouse:

08:30-12:30 / 14:30-18:30



We have built systems and maintenance for the following companies: